Donna, Aromatherapy 2013

The only difficulty I have in writing about Body and Sole School of Complimentary Therapies is in keeping the narative brief and to the point. I could easily write endless praise none of which could truly come close to doing the school or its tutor, Ruth Johnston, any justice. I am nearing the end of an Aromatherapy course at the school, which I have thoroughly enjoyed, and I can absolutly, with no hesitation, recommend the school to anyone considering taking on a course in complimentary therapies. They can be assured that enrolling at this school will be an excellent choice as I have found that my course has not just met my expectations but has indeed far exceeded them on so many levels. I am a mature student, so age is no excuse, and to say my confidence is not high would be an understatement. The help and support on both a professional and personal level given to me by Ruth throughout my course has profoundly touched and affected me in so many ways. The course was extensive, detailed and painstakingly reasearched and packed full of relevant information which has been and will serve as an excellent source of information long after i qualify. All equipment needed by the student is provided by the school and there is a wonderful shop within the school where students can purchase everything they could possibly require for their course at excellent prices. Having taken other courses with different schools and needing to source these items myself the ease of just going downstairs to the shop at break times to collect whatever  I need has been such a time saving bonus. The course is set to suit the needs of the student and to encourage the development of their skills and natural abilities. Also having the courses at weekends it allows people like myself who work to be able to train in theses amazing therapies. 


Ruth is an exceptional teacher who shares her extensive wisdom and knowledge with a generousity of spirit rarely found, always working to find more ways to help her students complete their courses and absorb the knowledge more easily. Her commitment to Complentary Therapies, her school and her students is exceptional. A truly inspirational lady, worth taking a course just to meet her!