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28th March Swiss Reflex Massage (Advanced Reflexology) 

For further information contact:-

Ruth Johnston 

02892 671004



General Course Information

All courses on offer are appropriately accredited. They begin at different times of the year (although mainly at weekends) and run for differing periods of time (dependant on the qualification).

Students will be expected to obtain the relevant books, writing materials, jackets etc. however the school does provide couches, towels, oils and so on for use during the classes. Light refreshments will be provided however students will be expected to bring their own lunch (or alternatively there are several 'eating houses' in the area).

Classes start at 9.30am and finish at 4.30pm. Students are expected to arrive early to prepare their site and if they so wish, to have refreshments before classes begin. It is of course recognised that students are unavoidably delayed or unable to attend a session. Alternative tuition will be given, for example slotting into another course to cover the missed session.

Prospective students can, if they so wish, come and visit the school and familiarize themselves with the surroundings/parking spaces/purchase from the shop and meet me, the tutor.

Please note there is a set number of students on each course, so a process of 'first come-first served' operates. A low student/tutor ratio is a policy of the school for maintaining high standards, therefore early return of application form is recommended. Costs of courses and methods of payment are set out in detail on the application form.

It is recommended that students consider taking out insurance to cover their practical work they carry out during the course. This is free of charge within courses in Body and Sole through FHT.

The Complementary Therapy Supplies shop is located within the building and all relevant materials can be purchased including books charts LaFuma

chairs couches, couch covers, oils etc.